In the beginning…

Who would want to follow this ham?

I have always struggled with the idea of being an expert or an authority on any particular subject and have really tried hard to avoid becoming a “leader”, “teacher” or, “mentor”. Unfortunately, whether I’ve agree to it or not, I have become a go to person for magickal information and teachings merely because, I just happen to own a magick shop. Go figure. Geesh.



The underwhelming storefront that started it all!

When I opened Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop it was with the full intention of sharing information and be a practical resource for magickal items, little did I know that in a very short while after opening, people would seek me out for spiritual and magickal counselling and training. I was not prepared. I was also not prepared for the onslaught of disconnected souls desperately grabbing for anyone willing to lead them down a garden path and deliver salvation in a handbasket. I am not this person and, I never want to be.


My eleven years as a magickal proprietress (with two different businesses) has been some of the most life altering experiences of my life and, has moulded and changed me in profound ways. I am blessed to live a magickal life. With this blessing comes work I didn’t knowingly agree to. This blog is some of the work I didn’t agree to and have been trying to avoid doing for as long as I could. Unfortunately, times up. Deity is wagging its finger because of my tardiness.

Handbasket anyone? Mine’s in the shop.

I am not an expert. I am not a guru. I don’t deliver or promise salvation.

What I do is offer a place of discovery, the discovery of self, you do the work. Its not always pretty and, it’s never easy but, it is always worthwhile.

So what does this mass of intelligible thought mean?

This is my magickal blog, its contents are based on my experience, my studies and, my opinion. I’ll say, do, and write things that you will disagree with and will likely piss you off. I make no apologies. Its challenges that make us question the things we choose overlook. I will also say, do, and write things that will inspire you, fill you with hope and, make you feel and see the world in a different colour.

Ready? Hold on. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Have you seen this picture of my Willie?

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