The Fuckery with Pinrose and Sephora Deepens

Since the news that Sephora will be selling “Starter Witch Kits” came out a few days ago, social media has been a buzz. Lots of opinions for and against the creation and distribution of this “Entry Level Witch Boondoggle”, my opinions have been quite clear. I think it sucks and I think that it damages Seekers and Practitioners more than it helps.

People wasting their money on gimmicky “Witchy” junk does not affect my personal practice in the slightest but as a Professional Witch and an Occult Shop owner it does bleed into my interactions with clients and with the general public. It’s frustrating and tiring to say the least, which is why I’ve come out against such Fuckery by the Corporate Giants.

Well, it seems like there’s is a whole new layer that’s been revealed to that Fuckery.

Art Theft.

There are some accusations swirling the webs right now that Pinrose stole the art for the tarot deck that is included in this kit. I know I had my suspicions when seeing what looked like the Prince symbol on the cover of the tarot box and the fact that the overall look of the card didn’t really jive. After doing a quick search, there is in fact a deck called The Old Memories Tarot, designed by Tarocco Studio out of Italy. ***Correction: 09/05/18 – The original creation of the art was done by Vera Petrak in the Samiramay Tarot.***

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I’m not one to simply ride on gossip so I reached out to both Tarocco Studio and Pinrose, neither had commented by the time of this post. However, if I do hear back or receive any documented proof of art theft, I’ll update this post. What’s interesting, will be Sephora’s response if these accusations are confirmed because so far they have refused all comments on the subject. (As of 09/05/18 I have not been contacted back by either party however, there are undocumented claims by a person online that they spoke with Tarocco Studio that said the art is definitely stolen from the original artist)

Personally, I suspect the rumours to be true. We’ve seen enough art theft in the Magickal community to be able to recognize it from afar. A perfect example was a few months ago when the shop and wholesale business Charme & Sortilége based out of Montreal, came out with a low quality talisman line of jewellery that ripped off the artwork and original creations from at least three well known practitioners. C&S made all sorts of claims to justify the theft from that they never heard of the artists, it’s a coincidence, to the designs being their own, to it’s not the same we slightly changed them so the designs are unique. Eventually, C&S bowed to pressure from the community and removed all trace of the talismans from their website as well as the apology they had written trying to quell angry voices. My support for that business soured immediately, especially finding out that this was not the first occurrence.

Remember that almost Prince symbol on the tarot card in the kit? Take a look at the original below. Prinrose changed it just enough to try and claim it to be different. I wonder what the Prince Estate will have to say?

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Regardless of where you stand on misappropriation or the commercialization of Witchcraft, with the added claim of art theft it’s really hard to ignore this “Trifecta of Fuckery” from Pinrose and still be supportive. I don’t really care how many wanna be Witches, might, in hopeful theory, come to The Craft from buying the Pinrose kit; it’s just not worth the price.

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Update: 09/05/18 – After some social media scrubbing this morning it has been confirmed that the original Artist of the images used is Vera Petrak in the Samairamay Tarot Deck. She confirmed publicly on her personal Facebook page that the use of her art was not licensed and she’s seeking remuneration.

4 thoughts on “The Fuckery with Pinrose and Sephora Deepens

    1. There’s an enormous difference between personal use and commercial reproduction. Just because you buy a piece of art from someone doesn’t mean you can reproduce it for profit. Curious that you would make this comment anonymously.

      1. Anonymous

        Per the license agreement page:

        “Print Usage (P-EL) – Physical Items for Resale: includes the right to use the media for t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, mouse pads, posters, calendars, framed artwork that is to be sold to other customers for an unlimited amount of copies. “

        It’s her own personal page on the site. She’s allowing anyone to purchase licenses to use the artwork. She’s getting paid for this.

      2. I’ve spoken to the artist directly she stated that Sephora finally got back to her and can confirm that the Empress seen on the front of the Tarot was properly licensed however no other pieces were. Since they’ve pulled the product we cannot know what other artwork it may have included in the deck. As well, we have no idea the response from Prince’s Estate would have been seeing as they also used his Love symbol. I had posted an update that contained all of this new information.

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